Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Trader’s International: The Joke behind the Scam Theory

We’ve heard this so many times. Every time you ask someone about trader’s international, people tell you that they are scam artists, they’re a joke. They promise but don’t deliver. That’s enough to throw anyone into doubt. We have heard so many things about the people who have fallen into huge losses because the market feeds from Trader’s International are delayed and not live as promised. Some say the charts they give you are too complicated and others say there is no support staff when you need them. The truth is they all believe what they think is right. So why write about this? Well the thing is that these reviews had scared me away from Trader’s International as well. I like so many of us saw the most obvious side of the story. I believed they were really scam artists and struck them off the list for a while. What got me back to considering them were two friends who had taken to market trading and made huge profits over the course of one year. Guess what? They got their market support from trader’s international.

A small chat with them and I realized that people who are crying foul never stayed patient enough and were howling at every cent they lost, not that they shouldn’t, but just that if you lose money you need to understand why not blame your neighbor for it. These people lost money for the first few days and stopped trading and blamed Trader’s International. They took the easy way out. They forgot something as basic in the market as to make a profit you need to trade everyday and be patient. I’ve been trading with Trader’s International for 2 years now. I started off slowly and I broke even in a few months and then made profits. The ups and downs are still there but the ups are definitely more than downs and I profit from it. Now you decide.

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